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We want to share a bit about baseball All Stars for those not familiar, as this can be a really fun and developmental experience for players.  (Softball has a slightly different format and you can learn about that from softball coaches)

·  All star teams play competitive team tournament-style baseball after the recreation season ends.

·  Teams are formed based on try-outs and the coach's selection. This process may change in the future.

·  Tournaments and teams are age-based, using the child's baseball age.  For baseball this is their age as of April 30th on that year.  IE:  A player turning 9 on May 10th would be a "baseball 8" for the entire season and eligible to play on a 8U team.

·  After rec season ends, the teams will begin practicing regularly on weeknights.  The practice frequency is typically more often than a req team.

·  Tournaments start around the end of June until around the end of July. 

·  A typical tournament involves 3 pool play games: typically 1 on a Thursday or Friday evening, and then 2 on Saturday.  The teams with best results in pool play will play in semi's and finals on Sunday.  Some tournaments have a concession game for those not making the cut.

·  The team coach will determine the number and location of tournaments.  Typically the team will travel to 3 tournaments in surrounding communities and host one here in Rehoboth.  The team works together to host the home tournament by keeping track of scores, standings, etc.

The combination of strong age-based skill levels, focused coaching and additional game & practice experience make this an amazing developmental experience for enthusiastic young players.  Beyond that, the players and parents share experiences can make for a really fun, bonding experience that is unique from the rec season.  

Please consider trying out and if you have questions don't hesitate to ask the coach or board members.


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