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How do I add another parent or family member to my account?

This is a great way to make sure all parents/guardians get updates and schedule info directly.  Here how you do it:

1)  Primary account holder should log in on
2)  Click the drop down in the upper right corner next to the person logo/photo and select "account"
3)  This will bring up their account overview.  Select the gear icon to "edit account info"
4)  This will bring up their specific account information.  At the bottom is a link to "add additional account holder"
5)  Complete the information for the other user and it will send them a link.  Their relationship to the players will already be established!

I'm registering my child to tee-ball for the first time.  When does season start?  When are practices?  What do they need?

For tee ball we typically have the teams formed up around the beginning of April.  Coaches will have 1-2 practices a week as the weather and conditions allow. 

After opening day, we typically have less games in beginning of the season, roughly 1 per week, allowing time for 1 practice a week. 

Later in the season we move to something that is more like 1 game on Saturday and 1 game on a week night. 

The season typically runs to mid-late June. The schedule of specific practices is up to the coach, while the league schedules games.  Games will be Saturdays and occaisional weekdays (nothing Sunday and typically nothing Friday).

 All players much wear helemts with a face mask.  I would suggest finding a mask that fits the helmet right when purchasing it as I have seen these stock out in stores fairly early in season.

They should also have a bat.  We suggest the most basic ones available for this age group.  They can wear cleats, but sneakers are also fine at this age level. 

Baseball pants are also suggested but not absolutely required.  While we dont' advocate or teach sliding at this age, we do suggest pants (vs shorts) to help protect them.

RYBSA will provide a hat, jersey, and color matched socks.

What division should I register my child to for this upcoming season?

  • While final placement is at the discretion of RYBSA, registering to an approriate skill level is an important step towards a positive experience.
  • We stress that this should be based on skill level, more so than age/class year/ where their friends are playing.  An appropriate level of challenge is the key factor to a development and a positive motivating experience.
    • Sometimes this might mean staying in the same division for more hands-on coaching and game experiences that will build confidence and skills.
    • Sometimes this might mean moving up for additional challenge and advanced game play.
  • The first place to get guidance is the divisions overview here on the site under the registration info tab.  
  • If that doesn't provide clarity the next step is to reach out the VP of the division you are considering, or the division they played in last year for input.  You can find the VPs contact info on the board member listing here on the site (link to follow)

When does the season start?  When will I hear about team / from coach / practice/game schedules?

  • Player evaluations (tryouts) are typically held in mid to late March.  After this, the Majors division will draft their teams.  Once this is done, AAA will draft their teams.  Some players not drafted at one level will be moved to the next level (due to locked, even team sizes).  
  • After the drafted divisions are completed, the teams for AA and below will be created.
  • During all of this, the number of teams is locked, which determines number of coaches, which are then confirmed by the board.
  • Typically teams will be announce in early April, starting from Majors and working down as per above order of steps.  
  • Coaches will reach out to teams and start scheduling practices, weather permitting typicall in early to mid April.
  • The league will release game schedules typicall in mid/late April and parents will be able to view them through the website.
  • Opening day is typically in the 3rd or last week of April.  Due to schedule constraints some games may take place before if needed.

Does RYBSA have a Challenger Division for children with physical or mental challenges?

  • The Challenger division system is part of Little League of America and typically found in larger league where enough interest is present to form a division.  RYBSA is an independent league and does not have such a division at this time.  Parents with interest in this or accommodations should reach out a Board VP.  We will do our best to accommodate if a balance can be met to that keeps players safe.  Additionally we have heard that there are Challenger divisions in the Attleboro and Swansea leagues, so that may be worth evaluating.

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